Wednesday, April 25, 2012

POETRY: "Stand whoso list" by Sir Thomas Wyatt

Stand whoso list* upon the slipper* top
Of court's estates,* and let me here rejoice
And use me quiet without let or stop,*
Unknown in court, that hath such brackish* joys,
In hidden place so let my days forth pass
That when my years be done withouten noise,
I may die aged after the common trace,*
For him death grippeth right hard by the crop*
That is much known of other, and of himself, alas,
Doth die unknown, dazed, and with dreadful* face.

list - cares to

slipper - slippery

estates - high position

And use me quiet without let or stop - Comport myself quietly without hindrance or impediment from others

brackish - distasteful, unpleasant

trace - way

crop - throat

dreadful - fearful

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